About Us


They use xylitol as the primary ingredient for its dental benefits and all other great health benefits. Xylitol is sweet and sugar-free. The mini-brush was designed to be comfortable, practical, and discreet. There is a soft pick at the bottom of the handle that is very good for removing food particles.

The soft rubber bristles are also very effective to brush and clean your entire mouth; teeth, tongue, and gums without hurting your enamel.


On top of all of its practical benefits and uses, Fresh-Tips are just delicious and a lot of fun.


They are all individually packaged and made in FDA registered and compliant facility.


Dr. Deborah Luis comes from a family of dental health professionals. Her father is an orthodontist and her brother is also a dentist. Her mother and sister in law are hygienists and office managers. She is passionate about good oral care and takes pride in serving well all of her patients.